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Oromo Culture in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is an ancient country that is located in the hole of Africa. It is composed of more than 80 nation and nationality and peoples. Among this  is the Oromo nation, since 1991 the Oromia regional state has been established with the federal government of Ethiopia. Oromia is the largest as well as the most populous of all the regional state of the country.


Addis Ababa or Finfine is the capital of the Oromo region as well as that of the federal government of Ethiopia. In Oromo, culture is the dominant sector of their economy. Most of the Metutema and Mechi Oromo are farmer where as Borena  and kereyu Oromo are  pastoralism and Guji Oromo are agro Pastoralism. 

The Oromo are known for their remarkable and indigenous democratic social political system known as the Geda ,  Which they have working until today. Geda divides the stages of life of individuals form child to old ages into a serious of formal stages. As soon as the child is born he/she is recreated to the appropriate party which is 40years behind his father and joins the first great name Debele. Debele are sons of the Geda class who are in power as leaders of Oromo. The Debele grow their hair long and decorate it with shells.  This hair style is known as the Guduru.


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