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Abay Dam Dispute and Facts

Abay Dam --also called  GERD(The Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam)    is the largest  hydroelectric plant  built on the river nile. It has the capacity to store 70 billion cubic meter of water and generate 15,128 Giga watt hours (GWh) of electricity. The Dam is built near Sudanese border in Benishangul-Gumuz  region  some 40 km from Sudan. The project is owned by the Ethiopian electric corporations.

The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam  is sponsored by the Ethiopian government Bonds and Private sector bond sales and donations . Every government employee has bought a government bond so that the dam is realized. Six Nile basin countries has built several dams along the river Nile.

Egypt has traditionally monopolized the river Nile but since the construction of grand Ethiopian renaissance dams it looks the monopoly is over.  In 1960 Egypt with the support of the Russian government has built the Aswan high dam  which has a storage capacity of 132km³, the Aswan High Dam is source of  water for around 33,600km² of irrigation land.

The River Nile is t 6,670 km (4,160 miles) in length and is the longest river in Africa and in the world. Although it is generally associated with Egypt, only some  22% of the Nile's course runs through Egypt.


Nile River has two main tributaries, the White Nile and the Blue Nile. The white Nile which is the longer of the two begins at lake Victoria in Tanzania and flows north until it reaches Khartoum. The Blue Nile is the main tributary to  the Nile river with 85% water contribution to the river nile. The Blue nile begins at Lake Tana in Ethiopia.


Since the Construciton of the Great Ethiopian Renaissance Dam built on the blue nile river ,Ethiopia and Egypt are in deadlock . Egypt fear the dam will deepens its water shortage problems. The two countries are negotiating to find resolutions but still nothing tangible achieved on the table. Ethiopia has started filling the reservoir in july 2020 . Here is the latest abay dam(GERD) pictures and videos.







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